Different Types of Vape Products

Different Types of Vape Products

There are different vape products in the market; sometimes, you can be lost for choice. This article explores the various vapourizers in the market and how they work.

After reading this article, you can confidently go to a weed dispensary near you and describe how you want your vape.


What is a Weed Vape?

A weed vape is a device that heats cannabis concentrates, turning them into a vapour you can inhale.

Some portable weed vapes have the following components:

  1. Batteries
  2. An atomizer
  3. E-liquid – also known as the vape juice

Based on their level of sophistication, you can categorize them as:

  1. The first generation devices like Cig-A-Likes
  2. The second generation comprises mainly the Vape Pens
  3. The third-generation devices – primarily called the Mods
  4. Pod Mods

Each subsequent device comes with a higher level of sophistication, coming with features absent in the previous generation.


What are the Components of a THC Vape?

A vaping device may appear complex due to its various components. However, they have an interesting composition when you understand how they work.

The following are the primary components of vape devices:

  1. Vape Battery – It could be internal or external, depending on the type of vaping device. These are used to power the vaping device.
  2. Vape Coil – Sometimes called the atomizer, it heats the cannabis products, turning them into vapour.
  3. Vape Cartridge – This is a chamber in the vape device that holds the e-liquid before it goes to the atomizer.
  4. E-liquid – This is a liquid with flavouring and might have nicotine. It is used with portable vaping devices. E-liquid is sometimes called vape juice or e-juice.


Different Types of Cannabis Vape Products

Different Types of Vape Products

There are various forms of cannabis vape products.

Table Top Vapourizers

Tabletop vapourizers are often stationary, and you place them on a flat surface. Some allow the collection of the vapour using a bag or a container detached before the user inhales the collected vapour.

They have the following features:

  1. They allow temperature regulation.
  2. They have a heating element to heat the cannabis concentrates.
  3. They have a heating chamber to place the cannabis concentrates.
  4. They have a mouthpiece that you can use to inhale the vapour.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are electronic devices that vapourize flavoured liquids. You use them to inhale vaporized products rather than smoke. There are nicotine items like Vibez Air Vapes and THC cannabis vapes.

How do vape pens work?

They heat liquids, resulting in vapour production. You can then inhale the resulting vapour. You can use them to consume nicotine and weed in vapour form.

Vape pens came in various forms. For instance, some will require refilling the e-liquid, such as the Open System devices. Others need cartridges and are known as Closed System devices.

Portable Vaporizers

These are other advanced vape devices, including Box Mods and Pod Mods. These are smart device vaporizers that sometimes use batteries to vapourize. You can precondition the box mods or pod mods by setting the voltage, wattage, and temperature for ideal results.


There are two kinds: one that is disposable and another that can be refilled. The disposable cigar-a-like comes with a pre-filled e-liquid.

The mouth-to-lung cigar-a-like has the user mimicking regular smoking. The vape is held in the mouth and breathed into the lungs.

The following are features of the mouth-to-lung devices:

  1. These are the least sophisticated devices.
  2. They produce less cloud.
  3. They have a characteristic low wattage.
  4. They are rechargeable.


  1. They are easy to use.
  2. E-juice consumption is low.
  3. They are easy to move with.
  4. They are fuss-free.


  1. Their battery life is short.
  2. They produce less vapour.
  3. They do not carry much e-juice.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are the most recent and allow for personalization. They come in a wide variety, are stylish, and are safe to use.

The sub-ohm low-resistance coil sets the vape mods apart from previous vape devices. The sub-ohm device is more efficient because instead of depending on battery power, they maximize using a reduced coil resistance to allow more current to flow at a higher rate. This way, the mods deliver more vapour.

A regulated vape mod has a circuit board, allowing high customization. It also augments the safety feature of the mods.

Unregulated vape mods lack some features found in the regulated mods, including electrical circuitry to bring efficiency and safety.

Box Mods

A box mod is a vape device that employs advanced technology features. It provides different settings to choose from.


  1. Efficiency and high performance.
  2. Box mods allow users to customize their vaping experience.
  3. Box mods are efficient and have longer battery life.


  1. Charging the batteries in box mods occurs over an extended period.
  2. Box mods require learning, making them less ideal for new users.

Pod Mods

The pod mod is the most current vape device. They have the advantage of low wattage.

Usually, the pod mod will use nicotine salt e-liquid. They have similar but improved features to the cig-a-like.

There are two kinds of pod systems:

  1. Closed Pod Systems – These are disposable when the e-liquid is used up. They come with pre-filled pods.
  2. Open Pod System – These can be reusable by replacing the used-up cartridges.

Pods have the following advantages:

  1. Suitable for new users because they are user-friendly
  2. A pod mod is small to carry around
  3. A pod device is cheaper than box mods
  4. They have variable wattage

However, they have the following limitations:

  1. Their battery life is relatively short.
  2. They do not produce prominent clouds. However, pod mods deliver high-potent nicotine.

Portable dry herb vapourizers are used with dry cannabis. In some vape kits, the vapourizer has various attachments to allow you to use wax and oils.

What Marijuana Vape Product is For Me?

What Marijuana Vape Product is For Me?

The latest vaping devices have third-generation components. However, don’t let this blind you to the usefulness of previous-generation devices. It all boils down to what gives you the best vaping experience.

Most first and second-generation devices will have features that meet the current standards.

Pod mods are the best in terms of ease of use and efficiency. They are also pocket-friendly.

A vape pen would be the second-best after the pod mod. It is easy to use and has the advantage of the sub-ohm coil.

The Box Mod is only suitable if the user can learn its complete settings. However, it is a practical device that can produce the desired cloud.


Where to Buy Weed Vapes Online in Canada?

You can buy weed vapes from various dispensaries in Canada. The key is choosing the vape device that gives you the best experience. We could recommend a few that offer a variety of weed vapes to help you choose what works best for you.

Bulk Weed online dispensary has both online and physical stores. You can also contact them through their website.



Various vape devices have different levels of sophistication, giving you various choices. Always choose the devices that will give you the ideal vaping experience. Bulk Weed has knowledgeable staff who can help you choose your ideal device.



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