What is AAAA Weed? Learn About Premium Cannabis Flower

What is AAAA Weed? Learn About Premium Cannabis Flower

AAAA weed is the most potent weed for sale and one of the best in Canada right now. You can refer to it as fireweed, sticky weed, loud weed, or top-shelf weed. Fireweed is the most expensive weed because of its superior qualities.

Cannabis flowers are graded in regard to the three A strains to portray quality levels. Read through the article as we elucidate everything you need to know about AAAA premium cannabis flowers.


What are Cannabis Quads?

Cannabis quads are the best quality weed in their type. The three AAAA strains include Indica, hybrid, and Sativa. Depending on the weed grading system, they can either be the AAAA, the AAAA+, or the AAAAA. Their superior quality is because of the appropriate temperature used in curing, bud structure, and sufficient trichome.

Cannabis quads are also high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Low-quality cannabis results from mishandling, such as improper storage and harsh environments, which causes THC to oxidize.


How Are Quads Different Than Lower Quality Buds?

Quads are the highest quality weeds and are rated 5.00 out of 5. They are the AAAA and the AAAAA or AAAA+ weed. The A grade is the lowest quality. Low-quality cannabis is also known as dirty weed. Let’s look at the differentiating factors. 

How Are Quads Different Than Lower Quality Buds?

Price Ranges

Quads have a higher price because of their potency level compared to low-quality cannabinoids.

Comparatively, AA-grade cannabis, or the dubs, also has a low rating in Canada. Stores in Canada sell them less because they have less profit. Though they create a buzz effect for the user, it is less stimulating if you compare them to quads. Therefore, you can use them in cannabis edibles, and other cannabis concentrates because of their mild effect.

Texture and Colour

The cannabis flowers of quads are spongy or sticky in their texture. Conversely, those from low-quality buds are brown or have an unusual colour.

The lower-quality buds are also dry in texture and have an earthly odour because of the poor breeding environment.

The Amount of Trichomes

Trichomes protect plants from extreme weather and pests and insects. Quads have sufficient trichomes, while oodles of low-quality weed have little or no trichomes.

Trimming the Cannabis Leaves

Trimming the leaves is essential to producing high-quality cannabis plants. Knowledgeable farmers rim the leaves of the AAAA weed, making it high quality, while that of a low-quality weed has excessive leaves.


Terpenes give plants their unique aromas. They also ward off pests and insects.

Fresh-grade AAAA weed has a deep, pungent smell. Though the scent differs depending on the type, it should smell good if you are acquainted with it. Cannabis plants shouldn’t smell damp, rotting, skunk, or like hay.

Breeding Environment

Canada prohibits the use of sprays and pesticides in cannabis. This is because it harms those consuming the weed to ingest the chemicals. Good quality cannabis lacks spray and chemicals.

Ash Colour

The colour of quad ash should be white. However, that from low-quality cannabinoids is black or dark gray.

Physical Appearance

How does the cannabis plant look from its package? If you sport a brownish colour other than in the hair, this should indicate a substandard quality. In addition, the longer the shelf life, the more cannabinoids lose their efficiency.

Low-quality cannabinoids, also known as dirty weed, schwag, or reggies, are littered with seeds and have flat and squashed buds. This is because the cannabis plant matter is compressed with bricks which is an aggressive extraction method.

The cannabis is crushed when wet, making it mold, mildew, and other unwanted compounds. The longer it is stored, the more molds it accumulates. In small doses, molds resemble cotton. On keen inspection, you can also notice mildew, which looks like webs.

Smoke Test

Cannabis should have a noticeable effect immediately after you smoke it. And the flavour should be fresh rather than taste like a burnt matter. For low-quality cannabis, it has a fleeting impact that goes away after the first puff. It also tastes salty, and the bud cracks while smoking it.

AAAA cannabis taste should taste flavourful and smooth.

Benefits of The AAAA Premium Weed to The Human Body

Benefits of The AAAA Premium Weed to The Human Body

Does cannabis cause more harm to your body than good? Some people argue that it creates dependence and addiction when you use it. Others argue that it is medicinal. Scientists often perform clinical trials to establish the truth in the efficacy of cannabis. 

Here are some of the medicinal benefits:

Reduces Seizures for Those with Epilepsy

A majority of patients who use cannabinoids report having lesser seizures. In addition, other cannabinoid consumers state that they don’t experience seizures when using Epidiolex, which is a cannabinoid drug.

Those with Dravet disease, a type of epilepsy, also report fewer seizures when using cannabinoids. However, most of the patients with Dravet have a lower life span because of seizures.

Treatment of Mental Illnesses

Cannabis suppresses the effect of mental illnesses such as depression and social anxiety. Arguably, certain people argue that the high use of cannabis increases social anxiety. Additionally, patients with bipolar and psychosis should avoid using cannabinoids because it worsens the symptoms.

Other mental conditions include trauma from PTSD.

Treatment of Cancer

Some studies state that CBD can help slow the progression of certain cancers, such as cervical cancer. Additionally, Cannabinoids help minimize cancer treatment symptoms, such as vomiting and nausea.

Strengthens and Repairs the Bones

Cannabis stimulates the cannabinoid receptors in the body. This repairs fractures and strengthens weak bones.

Alleviates Chronic Pain

THC and CBD oil and its other products help to soothe the pain. Therefore, medical personnel includes THC and CBD in creams and balms to manage chronic pain such as arthritis.

Manages Parkinson’s Tremors

Parkinson’s patients suffer from depression, anxiety, slow movement, tremors, insomnia, and involuntary movements. Cannabis helps to manage these symptoms. However, Parkinson’s patients should use cannabis as a substitute for their drugs. The Parkinson’s Foundation supports using Parkinson’s drugs for cannabis because its treatment of Parkinson’s disease is tentative.

Relieves Stress

AAAA premium weed is imperative after a long day of tedious work. It gives your body and mind a break it requires after vigorous engagements. AAAA weed relaxes your body and engages in a resting state.


Where to Buy AAAA Weed in Canada?

Do you seek to consume premium marijuana flowers from a trusted source? Look no further, as Bulk Weed provides high-quality AAAA weed products online in Canada. In addition, our online dispensary offers free shipping throughout Canada while ensuring the provision of affordable AAAA-grade strains. We also offer same-day weed delivery in Mississauga and other cities in the Greater Toronto Area. Obtaining quality cannabis products from a reliable weed online market enhances your overall experience.


To Wrap it Up

AAAA-grade weed typically has high levels of THC, which medical personnel use to treat or alleviate certain diseases. However, ensure that you choose the high-quality weed which distinguishes itself from the low-quality weed with its feel, look, aroma, and effects. And if you plan to grow your own, look for premium genetics from trusted seed banks like The Seed Pharm



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