What Is Hash?

What Is Hash

Hash is a psychoactive component derived from the female Sativa cannabis plant. Its popularity has risen over time as it has become one of the most popular recreational and medicinal products. 

Hash is often used to refer to other cannabis or marijuana products, but it is pretty different because it is more potent and has slightly different effects.


What is Hashish (aka Hash)?

So what is hashish? Hashish/ hash is a resin extract that is derived from the glands of the cannabis plant, specifically the female Sativa. These glands are known as trichomes and will be found on the plant’s surface. The resin is often extracted and stored as a concentrated paste.

Hash comes in brown or green colour and is often sold as balls or bricks with the resin substance.


Where Does Hash Come From?

Hash is derived from the cannabis plant (Sativa) and is extracted from the female’s trichomes. It is removed in different methods.

One of the most popular techniques today is the bubble hash method, where ice water is used in extraction. Typically, you do not need a solvent to extract the hashish. Solvents come in when creating different derivatives of the product.

The contemporary extraction techniques used tend to increase the strength of the hashish. This extract is more powerful, considering that a drop of hashish oil has the same impact as a joint. Regardless of the extraction technique, hash has the potential to alter the mind of users.

Different Types of Hash?

There are different types of hash despite all being formed from trichome extracts. Cannabis female plants produce thick and sticky resin when they stay unpollinated for a long time. The resin consists of trichomes, which appear as crystals when observed with the naked eye and like mushrooms under a microscope.

Trichome is powerful when creating cannabis, flavonoids, and terpenes. To make hash, it is crucial to separate the trichomes from the buds and concentrate them to form a potent extract. How the resin is formed into hash differentiates the different types.

They include:


Kief is the byproduct of grinding weed. This resin collects in one of the grinder’s chambers and takes a long time to collect enough to use. This powdery hash collects over time and is more potent than pure buds.

Indian Charas/ Finger Hash

This is the oldest way to make hash as it requires no technology or gadget. It originated in India and is made by rubbing fresh buds between two palms or two thumbs. After some time, an oily coating of the buds (usually THC- rich) collects in your palms or thumbs.

 This kind of hash is green-black and has a squishy feel, and the best quality should not have seeds or plant material.

Bubble Hash

This was a popular hash type until solvents were introduced. The popularity is attributed to the ease of making it. Get ice, water, and bubble bags, agitate the weed worth water and ice, and collect/ filter them through the bags. The colour of the hash you get depends on the quality/grade.


This may be the easiest solvent-free hash to make. It would help if you used heat to slide the trichome off the plant. Place the bud inside a parchment paper, use a hair straighter between the two sides, and press to apply the heat and extract the hash. You complete the extraction by scrapping the waxy substance off the wax paper.


Benefits of Cannabis Hash

Hash is more concentrated than ordinary THC, which means it has better benefits than THC. Therefore, Hashish has more advantages or gains than other cannabis products. 

Potential benefits of Hash include:

  • Soothing and relieving pain. Being a product of marijuana, hashish helps to relieve chronic pain, improve sleep patterns and quality, and also to reduce inflammation. Hashish is powerful because it helps in treating neuropathic pain.
  • It may promote calmness and relaxation. The presence of THC or tetra-hydro-cannabidiol gives hashish its calming and relaxing effects. This explains why taking hashish can help with ADHD, anxiety, and insomnia. When hashish is used medically, it can soothe tense muscles and build up stress, helping combat restlessness and insomnia. 
  • It helps deal with constipation, low appetite, nausea, and other gut problems you may be struggling with
  • It helps regulate cholesterol levels and blood sugar
  • Enhances senses and promotes cognitive health
  • Hashish contains antipsychotic and antibacterial properties

Different Types of Hash?

How to Take Hash?

Hash is consumed in several ways. Some people rub it into the skin, some consume it orally, while others inhale it by smoking. As such, it is versatile and delivers different benefits depending on its use.

One of the easiest ways to consume hash is to vape. This has a direct response to the body. When the hash is consumed orally, it breaks down in the users’ digestive system and is then assimilated into the bloodstream. This means that consuming hash orally takes longer to be effective compared to smoking or vaping. 

Other ways that hash is consumed include oral consumption, where you take pills and capsules, massage the paste onto the skin, mix it orally with food or drinks, and spray hash under your tongue directly. 

Regardless of the method you use to consume the hash, start slowly. Observe how your body reacts to the hash you consume and increase the amount gradually until the body gets accustomed to it.


Where to Buy Hash Online in Canada?

Once you appreciate the benefits of hash weed, it is only natural that you may want to try it for medical or recreational purposes. Knowing where to buy your hash cannabis is essential. You want the right quality and need to buy your products from the right place. 

At Bulk Weed, we are a top hash seller in  Canada. Check out our website or visit our dispensaries near you. Find a wide range of cannabis concentrates, including the best hash deals in Canada.



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