What is THC Distillate?

What is THC Distillate

Most people are aware of the effects of the cannabis plant. But, few understand the reasons behind the effects.

You’ve probably heard the acronym THC or CBD but wondered what they are.

This article is going to discuss THC distillate in broad. Learn more at Bulk Weed by reading on.


What is the THC Distillation Process?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis flower called cannabinoids.

It looks like a thick oil with a clear amber colour. THC distillate is a highly purified form of THC removed from the cannabis plant.

To understand everything about THC distillation, you’ll first need the foundation of what cannabis concentrates are.

Cannabis concentrates are residues extracted from the cannabis plant through a machine.

The THC distillation process involves taking the concentrates one more time and subjecting them to heat.

The concentrates heat until the cannabinoids, THC, and CBD vaporizes. The vaporization separates the desired cannabinoid from the rest of the mixture.

Each cannabinoid vaporizes at a different point. Thus, manufacturers can manipulate the process to capture only one cannabinoid, which in this case is THC.

That’s one of the reasons that make THC a highly potent concentrate.

Later on, the cannabinoid is cooled and condensed. The results will be lighter than the original concentrate because it is free from impurities. That’s the aim of distillation, to get a translucent viscous end product with almost 100 percent THC.


What is Weed Distillate?

Weed distillation is an advanced process used to extract THC and CBD over cannabinoid processes. It creates extracts with a pure molecule level since they are free from impurities.

Weed distillate is a base ingredient in many edibles and vape cartridges. It’s also traded as THC oil and CBD oil.

It is consumed in different forms, thanks to its state of nature.

How is Cannabis Distillate Made?

How is Cannabis Distillate Made?

Cannabis distillates are more like cannabis extracts. The difference is that they have been processed and purified into precise amounts.

So, Cannabis distillation goes through three processes:

Crude Oil Extraction

Oil extraction is the first step of the Cannabis distillation process. The crude extraction process separates the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant matter.It involves two processes, physical means and chemical means. Physical extraction uses techniques like sieving that tend to leave more impurities, as opposed to chemical extraction like butane hash oil, supercritical fluid, and carbon dioxide extraction. The impurities are later removed in the next stage.


Winterisation is the second step of cannabis distillation. Here, you purify the crude extract of by-products. These by-products could be anything from fats, lipids, chlorophyll, and plant waxes.

Before placing the extract in a cold environment for about 24-48 hours, it is mixed with ethanol first. The impurities later separate, falling at the bottom of the container.

The crude extract and the ethanol get filtered through a filter. After filtering, the ethanol is removed either through the rotary evaporator technique or the falling film evaporator.


Now, the extract at this point is not potent. Do you remember THC? It has intoxicating effects on the consumer. Here the extract is tetrahydrocannabinol acid, which does not have an intoxicating effect.

Thus, to convert THCA to THC, it needs to be subjected to heat. This process is called decarboxylation.

Cannabis Distillation Process

We have gotten to the last step of making cannabis oil. At this point, experts use vacuum pressure and heat to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from the decarboxylated extract. The main reason they use this process is to prevent the loss of potency. Thus, the final results are free from impurities.


How is THC Distillate Used?

Although THC distillate is common in Canada, it’s not for inexperienced consumers. As well, it’s not a good idea to use THC alone in large doses. The concentration is so high to the extent of giving experienced consumers a hard time getting the correct dosage.

THC distillate is good at making cannabis edibles. In addition, it makes essential oils used in baking. Finally, it supplements cannabis edibles like cookies, chocolates, and vape pens.

If you custom-make vape liquid, THC distillate is ideal for you. But only if you know what you are doing.

To smoke THC distillate, add a small amount to top off your bowl of dried flowers or line a pre-roll that you are already smoking.

Benefits of THC Distillate

Benefits of THC Distillate

THC distillate has many advantages compared to other cannabis concentrates. First, its high concentration of THC is a win for patients. Second, the high potency activates the healing process. Third, THC oil is used for medical purposes.

THC distillate is multifunctional. Its high concentration and lack of smell give it a big bonus. As a result, it is used with other products. For example, it’s a common ingredient in cannabis edibles. A little drop diffuses fast and does not affect the taste of your original recipe.

THC distillate does not have an odour due to the absence of the plant’s terpenes. That makes it comfortable to use it in a crowd without pissing other people off with the smell.

The cannabis extract process leaves the cannabis distillate free from impurities. That makes this concentrate to be one of the purest concentrations.


What is the Best Place to Buy THC Distillate Online in Canada?

Cannabis distillation is an effective and efficient way to experience the raw effects of cannabinoids. But, to enjoy that, get your correct dose from a licensed dispenser.

Bulk Weed offers the best THC distillate in Canada. Also, you will find the cheapest weed distillate in the country! 

They are friendly and secure and offer the best products in the market. Above all, they have the purest distillate. Testing is done before consumption. 

So order now and get cannabis concentrate delivery in Vancouver, Toronto, and other Canadian cities today.



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