How To Roll A Joint for Beginners

How To Roll A Joint for Beginners

Smoking cannabis remains the most common and direct method of consuming cannabis. Making and smoking a joint is one of the iconic ways of smoking marijuana and enjoying the distinct flower flavours. A joint is a traditional novice way of consuming that many new cannabis smokers aspire to learn.

Searching for how to roll joints will yield varying opinions  – hand or machine, paper type and size, additives, or flavours. A perfect joint should have a smooth, even burn, and you don’t have to use much force when drawing a puff.


What is a Joint?

A joint is a form of cannabis cigarette often hand-rolled by weed users. In addition, some cannabis convenience stores and dispensaries sell weed in pre-rolls or readymade joints for their consumers to save on the steps and rolling time.

Some users prefer rolling joints with a mixture of tobacco to make spiffs. Others may roll a joint, filling a hollowed-out cigar for blunts. You can also make a blunt by rolling weed using cigar-heavy tobacco paper.


Benefits of Rolling a Good Joint

Having the skill of rolling a good joint is not only an art; there are other benefits of knowing how to do a joint:

  • You will be sure of the cannabis inside the joint
  • A well-balanced joint with an even smooth burn.
  • The skill comes in handy when arranging for a party.
  • Good joints can last for days when adequately packed. 

How to Roll a Perfect Joint

How to Roll a Perfect Joint

There are various ways to roll the weed. The main aim for achieving a perfect joint is to ensure you use well-grinded cannabis and good-quality paper and to roll an evenly distributed joint that is not too tight or loose for a smooth burn. 

What Joint Rolling Supplies Do I Need?

Hand-rolling a joint is a craft; it only requires a few supplies to roll a perfect joint. However, you will need the following supplies to learn and practise rolling a joint for beginners.

  • Cannabis strain of your personal preference 
  • Cannabis grinder or scissors
  • Crutch for the filter tip
  • A pen or other similar size shaped object for packing cannabis inside when making a cone joint.
  • Rolling papers


Steps On Rolling a Joint

As mentioned earlier, joints vary in size and can come with added ingredients like tobacco or flavours. Rolling joints differ only in the ingredients used and the paper size. You can also use a joint roller to make good joints, but we will show you how to roll a joint step-by-step using your hands.

Here is a step-by-step hand guide on rolling a joint for beginners:  

Step 1: Remove large leaves and bits of stem 

During cannabis flower harvesting, buds plucking is done in bunches, and you must separate them from bits of stem and other large leaves. After sorting out the unwanted, grinding is necessary to allow the cannabis inside the paper roll to burn evenly.

Step 2: Measure the correct quantity of your favourite cannabis strain

You can roll joints of different shapes and sizes, requiring different amounts of cannabis. Half a gram to one gram of cannabis is enough to roll a typical joint. Rolling a cone joint, using king-size paper, or making a blunt will require more cannabis, depending on the expertise one has.

In our case, we will work with one gram.

Step 3: Grind the Buds 

Grinding the buds into smaller pieces helps fill cannabis inside the joint consistently, making it easy to roll and having a joint that burns evenly. You can grind your cannabis using a grinder, scissors, or your hands. 

A grinder will simplify the process and is convenient. Using your hands will make them stick on the joint paper.

Step 4: Make a Crutch

A crutch or filter serves as a joint’s mouthpiece by reinforcing the smoke from you and holding the shake to avoid inhaling it in your mouth. In addition, a crutch filters the tar, boosts airflow and allows you to smoke up to the last bit of cannabis in the joint without burning your fingers.

Making a crutch, a strip of thick paper-like business card quality works just fine. Cut a half-inch strip (3/4 inch for king-size papers), and fold the part into an accordion shape with enough remaining to wrap around the body. Ensure the diameter of your crutch can be wrapped around by your rolling paper.

You can also buy industrial wooden or glass crutches, a great alternative to paper, from tobacco shops or dispensaries.

Step 5: Place your cannabis inside the rolling paper

Place your rolling paper on a tray (printing can also work) with the adhesive coated facing up and away from you. Put the crutch on one end, and evenly sprinkle the shake on the rolling paper. 

Making a straight joint ensures you even distribute the marijuana on paper. How to roll a cone joint is simple, use less cannabis near the filter and more towards the outside.

Step 6: Roll the joint.

Pick your weed-filled rolling paper with the glued edge away from you and make a taco shape with the cannabis inside. Then, using your thumbs and index fingers, shift the joint paper back and forth to evenly distribute the cannabis and compact it into a cylindrical shape. Ensure the weed is not too tight to make smoking difficult and not too loose, as it will burn unevenly.

Tuck the non-glue edge of the rolling paper over the marijuana and roll it slowly toward the adhesive-coated side using your thumbs while supporting the outside with your index fingers. Moisten or lick the glued edge and seal your joint from the filtered side. 

You can re-fill back and pack down any cannabis that came out during the rolling phase from the outer end using a pen, chopstick, or other long, slim object. If you have excess weed sticking out of the joint, trim it with a knife or scissors.

Step 7: Sealing the joint

Finally, twist the extra rolling paper to form the tip and seal the cannabis inside.

Smoke your joints. 

Now that you have rolled an excellent joint light up and inhale through the crutch.

How To Select A Joint Rolling Paper

How To Select A Joint Rolling Paper

Choosing a perfect rolling paper among cannabis users depends on individual preference. For example, the choice might arise from the ease of using the paper when rolling joints, flavours, how the paper burns when smoking, or other subjective reasons.

Rolling papers fall under the following categories:

Material used

Traditionally rolling papers are made from wood pulp. Today, we have joint papers made from different materials, including:

  • Hemp 
  • Tobacco leaves 
  • Bamboo
  • Flax 
  • Rice 

Hemp rolling papers are popular because they make a joint derived from cannabis. Ultra-thin rolling papers are the best as they don’t affect the strain flavour. However, they require more skill and experience because they can tear off easily during rolling.


Some rolling paper makers add flavouring to papers that alter the taste or the cannabis scent. These papers are not natural due to their infusion or treatment with flavours.


Apart from different materials and flavouring, rolling papers are available in varying sizes. 

The most common sizes of rolling papers include:

  • Single wide – These standard cigarette rolling papers are 1 inch wide and make a joint for single-person use.
  • 1 ¼  inch wide – can make a joint for three
  • 1 ½ inch wide –  makes a joint enough for four people
  • Double-wide – the paper is not popular among veteran weed smokers as it gives the joint a higher paper ratio than cannabis.
  • King-size papers are wider and longer and can comfortably make a joint for a party.
  • Slim king size – have an equal length as king size and a width of 1 ¼ inch. They require experienced joint rollers.


Where to Buy Pre-Rolled Joints Online in Canada?

If you prefer convenience goods and don’t like involving yourself in preparation procedures, marijuana pre-rolls are available from dispensaries and online cannabis stores in Canada

Our online dispensary directory offers different types of pre-rolled joints from various cannabis strains carefully made with high-quality weed and papers. Buy pre-rolled cannabis online in Canada with confidence at

Find your ideal online dispensary today, or get same-day weed delivery in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, and any city throughout BC.



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